The Regional Division of Southwest Papua Must be Based on Papuans – The refusal to withdraw about the prospective capital city of the Southwest Papua Province continues to be voiced. Even though the certainty of the presence of the New Autonomous Region for the Candidate of the Province of Southwest Papua is still ongoing and in the process stage, the candidate for the capital city of the new province’s new autonomous regions has been discussed.

The former Regent of Maybrat, Bernard Sagrim, who was also part of the pemekaran team, spoke up. For him, the emphasis of the expansion of the new autonomous regions for the candidates for Southwest Papua is that the basis must be Papuans.

“That is the commitment of the Central Government, there is no bargaining. The regional division must be in the interests and basis of OAP so that OAP can easily access the center of government to get better services,” he said.

So, he said, OAP can freely enjoy government policies through Otusus funds because it is right on target and OAP people are happy and prosperous.

It was stated that the capital city of Southwest Papua Province was clear and definite in Sorong City in accordance with limited discussions between the heads of the ministries of institutions including the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission 2 and the division team. Why, he said, because of the carrying capacity of all things, the City of Sorong temporarily deserves to be the capital city.

“Regardless of who the definitive governor will be, then with various studies and willing to move the capital city, that’s up to you, but what certainly must be on the basis of the OAP,” he concluded.

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