The Region Division of Papua as a Game Changer for the Acceleration of Development – Vice President K.H Ma’ruf Amin, as Chair of the Papua Special Autonomy Development Acceleration Agency (called the Papua Steering Committee/BPP), received Acting Governors in 3 New Autonomous Regions (DOB) Papua, both Ribka Haluk Acting Governor of Central Papua, Prof. Dr. Apolo Safanpo Acting Governor of South Papua, and Nicolaus Kondomo Acting Governor of Papua Mountains, at the Vice Presidential Palace, Jl Merdeka Selatan, on 14 November 2022.

One of Special Staffs of Vice President, Masduki Baidhowi, explained that the Vice President saw the Acting Governors as the first historic milestones in building governance and development in the 3 new Provinces.

In the view of the Vice President, the regional division of the Papua Province is a breakthrough policy to accelerate the distribution of development, improve public services and increase the participation of Indigenous Papuans in local democracy.

According to the Special Staff of the Vice President, Masduki Baidhowi, there were 5 messages from the Vice President to 3 Acting Governors.

First, making the division of the Papua province a game changer in realizing a leap in regional development and empowering indigenous Papuans. The Vice President asked the Acting Governor to seek breakthroughs and innovations according to the regional context. Do not work mediocre at the beginning of the reign.

Second, immediately formulating an integrated road map and action plan for the implementation of the 2022-2024 new autonomous regions. Pay attention to the time frame that is in line with the stages of the 2024 Election and the 2024 Pilkada.

Meanwhile, Third, the Vice President asked the Acting Governor to consolidate the Regents to prepare designs for accelerating the development of the Province, in line with the 2022-2041 Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development in Papua as mandated by Law no. 2/2021 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua Province. Formulate a realistic action plan that is quick wins in 2023-2024.

Fourth, the Papua Steering Committee (BPP) will provide assistance and facilitation with the Acting Governor in strengthening program and funding synchronization with Ministries/Agencies and other related parties.

The Acting Governor must strengthen the collaboration of the parties to lay the initial foundation in development.

Meanwhile, the Vice President’s message was *Fifth,* given the complex situation in Papua, the Vice President asked the Acting Governor to strengthen social communication with all segments of society. A conducive situation is the key to success in managing and building a region as a big home for all.

The Papuan people should be grateful, because in the midst of the moratorium on expansion, the Government implemented an affirmative policy in the spirit of Special Autonomy.

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