The Rector of UIN Jakarta Appreciates the Government’s Efforts to Build the Education Sector in Papua – The Rector of the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta, Amany Burhanuddin Umar Lubis, appreciated the government’s efforts in developing the education sector in Papua. Amany gets optimistic that Papua will be better.

“The government’s efforts in development in the education and human resources (HR) sector will make Papua better in the future,” said Amany, Saturday (3/7/2021).

According to Amany, the government specifically provides the same facilities in an effort to improve the quality of education and human resources in Papua and West Papua. Amany appreciates the government’s efforts so that people in Papua can get higher education from various disciplines. Starting from anthropology, socio-cultural, mining, engineering, and also religion.

Currently, said Amany, there have been many scholarships offered for Papuan students such as LPDP, Bidik Misi, Affirmation for Higher Education, and Affirmation for Secondary Education.

“The aim of all this is to prepare Papuans people to be agents of change,” said Amany.

In supporting these efforts, continued Amany, there needs to be collaboration with local governments. One of them, by increasing the capacity of life through improving welfare and the economy.

“Development by using the local Papuan wisdom approaches to be better,” said Amany.

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