The reception of the PJ Governor of Papua Pegunungan is Colored by a Traditional Party – The pick-up of the PJ Governor of the province of Papua Pegunungan had been discussed with Forkopimda and it had been agreed upon by the Association of Central Highlands Regents who will be in charge of picking them up on November 22, during the thanksgiving event, there will be a division team that will do that.

Jayawijaya Regent Jhon Richard Banua, SE, MSi stated, his party together with the Association and Forkopimda had arranged to pick them up because the PJ Governor of Papua Pegunungan would come on the first flight with a Trigana Air Service plane.

 “In terms of government, the regents’ association has divided the tasks, all will be brought together to pick them up, while the thanksgiving ceremony will be carried out by the pemekaran team,” he said, Friday (11/18), yesterday.

In the same place, the Chairman of the Papua Pegunungan Province Thanksgiving Committee, Briyur Wenda, stated that his party had prepared a thanksgiving event for the Papua Mountains Province which was centered on Kama Field, Tuesday (22/11).

“We invoke the community to make a thanksgiving which is a reconciliation, because in the struggle for expansion, pros and cons emerged, some rejected and accepted, some even fell victim. he said.

Briyur also stated that the celebration was limited from morning until 18.00 WIT, after that, the community dispersed and there were no more events.

“We, the committee, have prepared a banquet for the Acting Governor’s entourage and the invitees who attended the event. Now it has been prepared. We also ordered the associations in the Lapago Region to take part in this celebration for the presence of the Papua Mountains Province,” he explained.

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