The Railway Project in West Papua is not Hampered by Region Division – The Provincial Government or Provincial Government of West Papua has coordinated plans for the construction of a railway line with the Provincial Government of Southwest Papua. The formation of the new province is expected to accelerate project realization.

West Papua Provincial Government ensures that the railway project plan will continue. They have coordinated the regional spatial layout plan or RTRW with the Southwest Papua Provincial Government.

“[Plans] for the railway project are still running. However, it will be discussed again with the Southwest Papua Provincial Government because it relates to the RTRW which has a different administrative area,” said Max L Sabarofek, Head of Air Transportation and Railways at the West Papua Transportation Service Max L Sabarofek, Wednesday, December 14, 2022.

Sabarofek hopes that the division of the Sorong Raya region into the Southwest Papua Province will accelerate the plan for the development of railway infrastructure. That’s because these modes of mass transportation can support economic development in both regions.

“So, the division of the province does not hinder the progress of the railway development. However, it will be coordinated by the two provinces for the continuation of the railroad tracks that have been previously determined,” explained Sabarofik.

The government will build a 500-kilometer railway line connecting Sorong and Manokwari. In the early stages of pioneering, a 75-kilometer railway line will be built that will connect Sorong-Maybrat.

As stated by Sabarofek, there has been a change in determining the starting point for the construction of the railway line. The zero point of construction which was originally set at Kilometer 12 or Domine Eduard Osok Airport has shifted to the Sorong City Seaport.

“The shift in the starting point [of the construction] of the railroad line is due to community demand. That is to support the connectivity of public transportation routes that are cheap and efficient,” he said.

Meanwhile, the West Papua DPR has set the 2023 Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget Draft (APBD) worth IDR 8.22 trillion. The determination took place at a plenary session chaired by West Papua DPR Speaker Orgenes Wonggor, Wednesday, 14 December 2022.

“We hope that the West Papua Provincial Government will immediately bring the [APBD] document for consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs so that the DPA [Budget Execution Document] will be distributed in January 2023. Don’t be late again,” said Wonggor.

The 2023 West Papua Regional Budget projects revenues and expenditures of IDR 8.22 trillion. A total of Rp. 630 billion of this revenue comes from Regional Original Revenue.

Wonggor also hopes that Acting Governor Paulus Waterpauw will spur budget performance and ensure timely implementation. That is to prevent budget buildup at the end of the year.

“If you don’t spend it quickly, [the budget] will surely pile up at the end of the year. This means that the absorption of the budget is not optimal,” he said.

The preparation of the 2023 APBD is guided by the 2023-2026 West Papua Regional Development Plan (RPD). The RPD focuses on accelerating economic development and community empowerment through improving the quality of human resources.

The 2023 West Papua Regional Budget also projects the development of basic infrastructure and regional connectivity. Then, sustainable development in the corridor of West Papua Special Autonomy.

An Acting Regional Secretary for West Papua Dance Sangkek ensured that they would immediately consult the 2023 APBD to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Jakarta. He also ensured that the DPA could be issued early next year.

“I think the determination of the West Papua Regional Budget is not too late. We ensure that the DPA can submit it in early 2023,” said Sangkek, after the determination of the 2023 West Papua Regional Budget.

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