The Principal Traditional Territory of the Regional Division of the Papua Province – Papua, a province rich in traditions and history. This province is apparently divided into five traditional territories. Meanwhile, the West Papua region is only divided into two customary areas, namely the Domberai area and the Bomberai customary area.

The five traditional Papuan territories referred to are arranged based on the names of the districts with their capitals, namely Mamta, Saereri, Anim Ha, La Pago, and Mee Pago.

Papuans themselves have known the boundaries of their territory traditionally since their ancestors.

The indicators used to compile the division of the tribes in Tanah Papua into 7 Customary Territories consist of similarities in aspects; kinship, marriage, customary rights, leadership type, physical characteristics, to geography, and others.

5 Customary Territories in Papua

The five traditional areas of Papua which are the basis for the division of the region consist of:

  • Mamta

This traditonal area is located around Jayapura with 87 tribes.

They live in Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Sarmi Regency, Memberamo Raya Regency, and Keroom Regency.

  • Saereri

This area spreads around Cenderawasih Bay. Biak Numfor Regency, Supiori Regency, Yapen Regency, Waropen Regency, and parts of Nabire on the coast.

  • Ha Anim

This area is located in South Papua, namely Merauke, Boven Digul, Mappi, and Asmat.

  • La Pago

This area is located in the Eastern Central Papua Mountains, covering the Bintang Mountains, Wamena, Lani Jaya, Puncak Jaya, Puncak 6, Nduga, Yahukimo, Yalimo, Central Mamberamo, and Tolikara.

  • Mee Pago

This area is located in the mountains of central Papua, namely Intan Jaya, Paniai, Deiyai, Dogiyai, in Nabire the mountain part, and a part of Mimika (mountain part).

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