The President’s Bicycle Movie Has Positive Reviews from Papuan Audiences – The President’s Bicycle movie, released on December 23, 2021, received a positive response from audiences in Indonesia. No less celebrities and audiences who have watched the film gave their judgments and comments after watching the film President’s Bike.

“The President’s Bicycle Film is not only encouraging (with its songs), but also has values ‚Äč‚Äčabout how to take care of nature,” said Jordi, an audience from Jayapura.

The expression about nature and the setting of the story showing Papua’s natural wealth, especially Raja Ampat, since the film was watched at a special screening event, has amazed many viewers.

“I was even touched and cried as watching the natural beauty of Papua present in this film,” explained Stevanus, a young man born in Sorong, who was present at the Watch Together event at Epicentrum XXI, last week.

Stevanus added that his childhood life was exactly as described by the adventures of The Papua Kids (Edo, Saul and Uben). He also has to go boating to play and reach his school. The nature of Papua that is present in this film also brings memories of Stevanus’ past. That made him unable to hold back his tears.

Papua, in addition to its natural wealth, also has a lot of naturally gifted children in acting. This was acknowledged by Christine Hakim who praised a number of indigenous Papuan actors. Including three children of The Papua Kids. “I have made films and played films with Papuan children. I know their potential is truly extraordinary. Added with the background of Papua’s natural wealth, this makes the film President’s Bike a must watch for Indonesian children, so that they understand how the Papuan people feel. The President’s Bike movie, very inspiring!” explained Christine who was present at the premiere of the film President’s Bike.

Actor Reza Rahadian also agrees with Christine Hakim. But he prefers to highlight the issues of diversity and joy presented by the film President’s Bike. Through children’s songs and their joy, the film “Bicycle President” is very entertaining and enjoyable to enjoy until the end of the story.

The film, Bicycle President, tells the story of the adventures of three Papuan children after meeting Yutuber from Jakarta, played by Ariel Tatum as Binar. Thanks to Binar, the three children understand the outside world through the internet. The three of them were even more excited about how the president distributed bicycles to Indonesian children. Their meeting was filled with humor, unexpected adventures, and even high expectations of meeting the president and getting a bicycle as a gift.

Likewise Binar who had an extraordinary experience with The Papua Kids and was close to the sisters. Binar rediscovers his identity that has been immersed in cyberspace. His job as a YouTuber has distanced him from the realities of life. The virtual world is only a pseudo world that keeps life away from the real reality.

The film on the President’s Bike is an entertainment for Indonesian families during Christmas and welcoming the New Year. The movie, decorated with dozens of uplifting songs, nostalgic songs and romantic songs, also has visual power in showing the beauty of Papua, making it an option to enjoy fun entertainment at the cinema with family.

Currently, the actors of the film President’s Bike are making visits to cinemas. Last Sunday (26/12) was held in Bandung. Followed in Yogyakarta at (Jogja City Mall XXI, 27 December 2021), Solo at Solo Square XXI, 28 December 2021. And Surabaya at Tunjungan 3 XXI, 29 December 2021.

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