The Papuan Muslim Council is a Common Home to Maintain Peace in Papua – The founder of the Papuan Muslim Council, Thaha Alhamid, stated that the Papuan Muslim Council is a common home for Muslims to maintain peace in the Land of Papua. The presence of Muslims in various aspects of social life must be a blessing for peace in the Land of Papua.

This was conveyed by Alhamid at the Consolidation of the Papuan Muslim Council (MMP) entitled “Knitting Togetherness for Papua, a Land of Peace” in Jayapura City on Saturday (5/11/2022). “The Papuan Muslim Assembly is not only for Papuans, anyone in the Land of Papua has the right to join and strengthen our home. That’s the home of Muslim Papua,” he said.

Alhamid stated that the political year situation and the presence of a new province in Papua will also have an impact on the socio-economic dynamics in Papua. This situation will make the dynamics of the interaction even more open. However, he hopes that all parties can consolidate well, so that there will be no conflict.

“Keep out of the political commotion and the presence of a new province [remains to make] Papuans in the Land of Papua always at peace. How to organize yourself to set standards, so that there is no conflict. Papua must be a Land of Peace,” he said.

Alhamid stated that the Muslim community in Papua must close ranks, must determine their vision for peace works in Papua along with other groups. He said that Muslims must really work for humanity and peace in the Land of Papua.

“Muslims in Papua must be responsible for peaceful conditions. Do not profess Islam if you are not responsible for peaceful conditions. It is required. I think all religions teach that. The principle for me from the beginning is that Papua wants to be whatever it is, Muslims must have a voice, take part. Muslims must contribute. Don’t just be a victim. That’s existence, we must defend existence,” he said.

Alhamid hopes that all parties will work together for the sake of a peaceful Papua. In addition, said Alhamid, for the sake of a just Papua, there should be no corruption.

“So far, Papua, the Land of Peace, has only been on banners. Any activity must have the label Papua Land of Peace. There are no humanitarian works, no social movements in human life. Papua Land of Peace if translated then Papua must be equitable. Whoever is corrupt must be punished. If we talk about Papua, the Land of Peace, we have to talk about the substance, what is the content of peace,” he said.

A Secretary General of the Papuan Muslim Council, Suparto Iribaram, stated that through the consolidation of the Papuan Muslim Council, the aim was to unite Muslims from various ethnic groups in Papua. He stated that with the approach of the democratic party, his party was worried that Muslims would even be scattered and taken advantage of.

“So [through consolidation] we need a large platform to coordinate with each other, to provide comfort for Muslims in Papua. Of course, there are political and democratic problems that are faced, of course we must jointly find solutions,” he said.

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