The Papuan Komda Catholic Youth Must Be the Front Guard of the Church and the State – The Catholic Youth Organization of the Papua Province Regional Commissariat (Komda) which was just elected on September 17, 2022, is expected to be at the forefront of the church and state.

This was said by Kristian Maday, who is a Papuan Catholic figure, during a press conference with journalists, Sunday (2/10/2022) in Kampkey Abepura, Jayapura City.

“Catholic youth in Papua exists to help develop the vision and mission of the missionaries and also the longing of the indigenous Papuan people can be realized,” said Kristian.

He further said that the Catholic Youth must really exist within the scope of the indigenous people because the position of the people now looks like many are shedding tears, starving and full of trauma from the impacts of conflicts and hot issues that are currently happening in Papua.

“Therefore, I hope that the Catholic Youth must attend and bring contextual discourses in the Land of Papua,” he said.

Therefore, continued Kristian, he hopes that the central board of the Papua Provincial Komda is expected to build good communication between young Catholic leaders and the government, both at the provincial and central levels, to be taken seriously.

“The indigenous Catholic Church is present together with the Catholic Youth to be at the forefront of the church and the state,” said Kristian.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the committee for the inauguration of the Catholic youth committee of the Komda of Papua Province, Melkias Kedepa, said that after the inauguration of the board, there will be a working meeting (Raker) and an orientation period.

Melkias said, the activity will take place after the inauguration of the board on 29 October.

“The next agenda is to enter the orientation period and work meeting which will be attended by representatives of branch commissioners in the regions for that later the administrators who have entered the service management structure, all Catholic youth administrators of the Papua Province Komda and also the DPD can attend the activity after the inauguration ceremony. ” he said.

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