The Papuan Indonesian Diaspora Students in the USA and Canada Hold Cultural and National Discussions – To strengthen national insight and reflection of devotion in Indonesia, the American and Canadian Student Association (IMAPA USA & Canada) held an open discussion with the theme “Seeking Identity as the Papuans”. This discussion was held via zoom on August 29, 2021. With two prominent speakers, Erwin Uaga and Merius Wenda.

Erwin Uaga on that occasion said that as an educated person from Papua he emphasized the importance of instruments to recognize identity, one of which is strengthening understanding and internalizing cultural values ​​and traditions in total. The reason is that in Indonesia, art and culture are the most universal glue today in building society, nation and state as a whole.

“Papua has a lot of cultural diversity and potential that has not been optimally explored. We must try to show that art and culture are also part of our future that must be considered, because this is what is called the creative economy,” he concluded.

It should be noted that one of the prominent Papuan works of art, one of which was born from the Asmat tribe, is a small wood carving that has a very high selling value abroad. And it is a very diverse form of our art.

You can imagine what if all the arts in Indonesia were managed properly, would form the cultural knit of the archipelago, and be able to advance and show the potential of the people in Papua to the world stage,” he said.

The person in charge of the event, Manue Heselo also added that the emphasis on the character of the learner is not a certificate, but competence, ability, and experience to be productive and to use the knowledge that has been acquired during the lecture period, to be actualized in various community service works in Papua. specifically and Indonesia in general.

It should be noted that this event is a turning point in order to strengthen the collective consensus as diaspora students to continue to strengthen, protect, preserve and strengthen the customs and socio-cultural values ​​of the Papuan people as a source of national identity.

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