The Papuan Carbo, Suitable to be either an Aggressive or Passive Fish Tankmate – Teddy, a fish hobbyist and owner of an Aquaprofit, explained that the Papuan Carbo fish have aggressive facial characteristics. According to its appearance, the temperament of the fish with the Latin name Hephaestus carbo is also aggressive when placed in a tank.

Carbo often “tricks” other fish who are too passive. “This Papuan Carbo likes to chase away fish that like to hide in rocks or twigs in the tank,” explained Teddy.

Therefore, it is suitable to be a tankmate of fish that are too passive. However, it is also suitable to be combined with fish that both have an aggressive character. “Like Arowana and Indonesian Tigerfish,” said Teddy.

The Papuan Carbo is a type of middle swimmer and territorial swimmer. The movement of the fish is quite agile and relatively brave even when approached by humans.

Because the motif on its body resembles a flower, the fish also has another name, datz flower. In some articles, the fish is also named the coal grunter.

For the base color, the Papuan Carbo is dominated by black. On top of the black color, there are motif like flower petals which are generally yellowish. Similar to Oscar

According to Teddy, the fish are able to survive in general tank water conditions.

Water with standard filter is enough. However, there must still be a commitment to change water regularly.

“The Papuan Carbo is not yet popular among fish hobbyists. Some may still lack a reference regarding a suitable tankmate for this fish. However, actually this fish is very interesting to collect,” said Teddy.

Indeed, the price is quite expensive. For a size of about 18 centimeters, the fish in the market is priced at IDR 800 thousand to IDR 1 million. Papuan carbo fish can grow the largest only about 25-30 centimeters.

“This fish is a local fish, but it is quite rare for people to catch it. Therefore, it can be said that there are still very few people who play carbo Papua,” he said. In Indonesia, these fish can only be found in Papua. Meanwhile, in other areas, Coal Grunters can be found in the waters of Northeastern Australia.

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