The Papuan Aviator Network Established as a Unifying Platform – Secretary of the Papuan Aviator Network (PAN) Capten Alion Belau said, PAN was established on November 22, 2018, on the consideration of the anxiety about the condition of the aerospace world in Papua. PAN will be a unifying forum for OAP who will continue their flight education level.

“PAN is a forum for indigenous Papuan children involved in aviation, including those related to aircraft mechanics and flight attendants,” said Alion Belau during the Marind Men’s and Women’s Orientation Joining the Overseas Undergraduate Study Preparation Program, the Merauke & Papua Regency Government Cooperation Program. Institute, at the Maranatha Sisters’ Hall, Friday (2/7/2021).

Belau said that this forum will also be a place for younger man and woman from Marind who have an interest in the field of aerospace origin, said the Secretary General of PAN on the sidelines of sharing his experiences with PLI students from Merauke.

“I express my appreciation to PLI, who has been a working partner all this time. He hopes that the cooperation that has been built will become a solid foundation for sustainable collaboration,” he said.

He stated that cooperation with PLI is a momentum for PAN to go public officially, so we are very open to all forms of cooperation with various parties, including the government of 2 provinces in Papua and including local governments.

Belau said, the opportunity to share experiences with PAN is a very valuable learning opportunity and will definitely change the perspective of the children we will be fostering.

Director of the Papua Language Institute Samuel Tabuni appreciated the presence of a feed container to accommodate indigenous Papuan children who will continue their education in the field of aviation.

“This forum will really help young people to share knowledge with each other to remain optimistic that they can survive and become pilots in Papua,” he said.

Tabuni said, if you want to continue your studies later, you can join the seniority in PAN so that you can gain knowledge but also ask for experience from them.

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