The Our ConservaSea, a Savior of Papua’s Marine Life – A Climate change is no longer just a hoax. This is happening right before our eyes. By the climate change, the earth is also increasingly showing a decline in its performance.

Considering this threat, several nature conservation movements and movements to save the earth have sprung up, one of which is Our ConservaSea, which focuses on marine conservation in Papua. This movement was driven by a young woman named Maryrose Tapilatu.

Maryrose and her colleagues share their contribution for the sake of preserving Papua’s seas. Our ConservaSea is expected to be a mitigation for Papua’s future marine life. Here are the facts.

It is undeniable that marine life can also be damaged and polluted. Several cases that occurred in Papua, for example, such as what happened in Raja Ampat some time ago, coral reefs were hit by cruise ships several times, and until now have not been completely rehabilitated.

“In my own town in Manokwari, it’s been several times, but it’s not widely spread that the coral reefs in Manokwari are also affected by ships hitting the reefs,” said Maryrose in Climate Change Actions 101 Episode 15 by IDN Times, Tuesday ( 21/12/2021).

The woman who is familiarly called Mary said that marine animals such as whales, dugongs, and turtles were also found dead on the beach, entangled in fishing nets and some were identified as having plastic waste in them when they migrated from one place to another.

Not only that, plastic waste also contributes to damage in the Papuan sea.

It is also undeniable that every human being likes practical things. However, said Maryrose, this practical life, of course, is not sustainable. This is because these practical habits rarely have a good impact on the environment.

This condition, according to Maryrose, has been going on for years and is not easy to change. This is a challenge for Our ConservaSea.

Not only cleaning the beach, Our ConservaSea also spreads the habit of wearing a Noken bag, a traditional Papuan bag. Every shopping, said Maryrose, she and other friends always use a Noken bag to be an example for the community. So, she said, awareness of not using plastic bags could increase, and plastic waste in the sea could decrease.

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