The Mumber of Persons who have been Vaccinated with dose 1 in West Papua is 427.38 thousand Individuals – The coverage of dose 1 vaccination in West Papua province, until yesterday Sunday, January 9, 2022, had reached 53.6 percent. This figure is equivalent to 427.38 thousand vaccine participants from the set target of 797.4 thousand persons. Meanwhile, the dose 2 of vaccination until yesterday had reached 33.98 percent of the target.

Based on the targeted group, the details of vaccination to ward off the Covid-19 virus in this province are the health HR group with a target of 8564 participants. At dose 1, 8564 persons were successfully vaccinated (125.56 percent of the target) and for dose 2, 112.69 percent or 3143 people were vaccinated.

Vaccination to public officers with a target of 116.33 thousand persons. Vaccination dose 1 is reported to have reached 83.06 thousand persons (71.4 percent of the target) and dose 2 with an achievement of 60.28 percent or 70.12 thousand persons were successfully distributed.

Then vaccination for the elderly is targeting 50.83 thousand persons. For dose 1, it has been given to 14.31 thousand persons (28.14 percent of the target). Meanwhile, for the dose 2  of vaccination, it reached 17.44 percent or 8866 persons.

Vaccinations for the general public gets targeted at 493.76 thousand persons. At dose 1, 251.19 thousand persons were reported to have been vaccinated (53.21 percent of the target). Meanwhile, the dose 2 of vaccination has only reached 30.19 percent or 138.54 thousand persons.

Another target, for groups of teenagers it is ranging from 12-17 years old. In this region, the target set is 127.91 thousand persons. For vaccination, dose 1 has been given to 56.46 thousand persons (44.14 percent of the target). Meanwhile, dose 2 has only reached 25.99 percent or distributed to 33.25 thousand persons.

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