The Movie “Taklukkan Mimpi” Inspires Young People of West Papua – Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari Maj. Gen. Gabriel Lema hopes that young West Papuan people will be inspired to join and be recruited into TNI soldiers by watching a film entitled “Taklukan Mimpi”.

Major General Lema in Manokwari, Saturday, said that he, together with the forkopimda and the people of Manokwari, West Papua, held a joint viewing of the film ‘Taklukkan Mimpi’ at Studio 1 Cinema XXI Manokwari on Friday (9/9) night.

Interestingly, this film was produced by a filmmaker who does not have a cinematography background. The majority of the actors are young people from Wasior, Teluk Wondama Regency who learn acting automatically.

The equipment for shooting also relies on borrowed cameras from the Teluk Wondama Infocom Service. However, armed with a strong passion and determination to produce a monumental work, it is proven that the young people of Wondama are able to produce films of no less quality than films made by professionals.

The Commander of the Kasuari Regional Military Command admitted that he cared and went directly to help the process of making the film Taklukan Mimpi, moreover the storyline raised the spirit of young people who wanted to devote themselves to become TNI soldiers.

“The making of this film is all in the original context, whether the people, nature, life and way of thinking all contain invaluable artistic values,” said Major General Lema.

The two-star general who is a native of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) hopes that the film ‘Taklukan Mimpi’ can achieve success in the entertainment industry in the country.

“Hopefully this film inspires the younger generation, not only in West Papua but also all Indonesian people, how they are able to work with limitations but can work, later we will distribute this film throughout Indonesia, we will show that we West Papuans can and able,” said Major General Lema.

The premiere of the film ‘Taklukan Mimpi’ at the XXI Manokwari Cinema Building received wide acclaim from local residents.

All seats in Studio 1 Cinema XXI Manokwari are full. People ranging from children, teenagers, especially students to adults seemed to flock to the cinema since noon to watch the story of the film.

Moreover, tickets to be able to watch this film can only be obtained at the cinema and are not sold online or in other places.

The film ‘Taklukan Mimpi’ tells the story of a young West Papuan boy named Andi Joepari who lives in Wasior, Teluk Wondama Regency. Andi has an unyielding spirit to realize his dream of becoming an Army soldier. Despite facing various challenges, in the end Andi was able to realize his dream of becoming an Army soldier.

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