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The Movement of the Jamaah Istighosah Liven Up Ramadan in Mimika, Papua

goodmorningpapua.com. – Whatever Allah Swt. predestines has meaning for the persons experiencing it.   There were people taking respond positively and optimistically, but there were also those taking respond negatively and pessimistically, to the incident.

However, Muslims are taught to be optimistic about the future. Likewise, don’t give up on the situation!. Moreover, in Ramadan, you should use your time for doing your best work.

It can also be seen from Jamaah Isitighotsah An-Nahdliyyah Mimika, Papua during this year’s Ramadan. Despite it is on a pandemic condition, a number of events are still being held with a number of adaptations. In the less supportive circumstances, various activities remained to be held. Starting from istighotsah, providing alms, to breaking the fast together.

The event was held some time ago at the Baiturrasul Orphanage, in Wonosari Jaya SP4 Village, Mimika. No less special thing was the introduction of the branch functionary of Nahdlatul Ulama (PCNU) of Mimika

“The event is special because all the needs for the implementation of the event are borne by the istighotsah congregation in terms of the Ramadan Safari Program of PCNU Mimika ,” said the head of the Mimika Istighotsah Jamaat, Ustadz Sugiarso.

He told that the event was started after ‘Ashar’ prayer with istighotsah, and then continued with providing alms and breaking the fast together. The host gave a very proud welcome because of being appointed as an organizer of the event.

“We thank for the support and opening of istighotsah at our place and hopefully we can do it consistently. Here there are three orphans, 27 orphans, and 15 dhuafa, ”said the head of the Baiturrasul Orphanage, Umi Lina. Meanwhile, Ustadz Hasyim Asyari as Deputy Rais Syuriyah PCNU of Mimika explained that these activities held were a form of concern.

Related to this event, Ustadz Sugiarso explained that he had planned a number of activities as a form of concern for the existing orphans. “We to hold the training for children’s hadrah and the method of the Tartili Qur’an teaching for the teachers. Hopefully the islamic activity of Fatayat NU of Subdistrict Kadun Jaya or Fatayat NU of Ranting Soponyono can be held in this place,” explained the Deputy Chairperson of PCNU of Mimika

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