The Movement and Enthusiasm of Services Schools in Papua – The Mimika Regency Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency (BKPSDM) continues to socialize official school entrance guidance such as IPN, Akmil, Akpol and others to class XII students at SMA Negeri 5 Mimika Regency Education Center.

It is known that SMAN 5 Education Center is one of the schools in Mimika Regency that educates native Papuans to get proper education.

“So this activity is to empower Amungme and Kamoro children to take the official school entrance test according to the PIN 2 program because I am a participant,” said the Head of BKPSDM Mimika Regency, Ananias Faot, Thursday (17/11/2022) in Timika.

He explained, in principle, regional leaders and other parties have supported both the Amungme Kamoro Community Empowerment Foundation (YPMAK) and the manager of the partnership fund PT Fereepor Indonesia (PTFI), the Amungme Tribe Indigenous Peoples’ Institution (LEMASA) and the Kamoro Tribe Indigenous Peoples’ Institution (LEMASKO).

Ananias continued, to enter services schools such as IPDN in particular, Amungme Kamoro (Amor) children was very difficult due to limited information and lack of progress in digital technology.

“The current test is not like last year because now all official schools are required to take tests online. At least with this guidance the children can master the material and others,” he said.

He also hoped that this activity would serve as motivation for Amor’s children according to the motto that had been coined so that when selecting to enter any official school the children would be ready.

He said, in collaboration with the Young Patriots Institute in Jakarta and the target of 20 people from Mimika could get an education because the selection was quite strict.

Official schools are schools that don’t require a lot of money because after official school the participants will leave as employees.

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