The Most Complete Papuan Souvenir Shop in Manokwari, Monthly Turnover of IDR 100 Millions – For travelers who are on vacation or on duty in Manokwari, West Papua, it is recommended to visit the Lio Art Papua Souvenir Shop.

This shop, which is located on Jalan Merdeka, West Manokwari District, Manokwari Regency, West Papua, is never empty.

Various typical things of Papua and West Papua are available. Since 2012, the shop has been working with local artists.

So the products sold are the work of native Papuan and West Papuan artists.

“Initially, we saw that no one was selling Papuan souvenirs. Even though many were looking for it, we have started this Lio art,” said Martina Serpara (34), the owner of Lio art Papua, Wednesday (3/8/2022). ).

Martina said that together with her husband, Valentiono Manusiwa (37), they were initially concerned about the obstacles faced by local artists and craftsmen.

They find it difficult to market their work. In fact, in terms of demand for goods in the market is very high.

Therefore, the husband and wife were moved to start Lio art Papua from scratch. Until now, Lio art Papua has managed to accommodate and help market a variety of arts and crafts from various regions in Papua. Such as from Jayapura, Merauke, Nabire, Arfak Mountains, and Manokwari.

There are also koteka, tifa, arrows and bows, stone axes, Asmat carvings, statues, genuine crocodile skin bags and wallets, and so on.

Because it has a high artistic value, Martina priced the typical Papuan souvenir from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah.

Apart from being a business opportunity, said Martina, Lio art Papua was established to  be an effort to preserve Papuan culture.

‚ÄúTong wants to introduce to everyone, if this is Tong, he has a proud culture in Papua,” said the woman of Serui, Kaimana and Ambon descent.

Papua, West Papua, and Manokwari writings and images dominate every T-shirt produced by Lio art Papua.

Martina explained that the demand for souvenirs and visits from buyers at Lio art Papua, will be multiplied when there is an event held in Manokwari.

Like every time the commemoration of the evangelism in the Land of Papua.

Opening a Lio Art Papua Branch with promising business prospects, then made Martina and her husband open a Lio Art Papua 2 branch.

Now Martina and Valentiono are able to earn a turnover of Rp 100 to Rp 120 million in a month. However, continued Martina, the benefits are not only enjoyed by Lio art Papua. The reason is that local Papuan artists and craftsmen also enjoy it.

Through the economic cycle, Martina hopes that the souvenir shop business like Lio art Papua will be able to improve the welfare of the Papuan people, especially the Papuan People (OAP).

Thanks to good productivity, Lio art Papua no doubt received the Siddhakarya award in the category of small business winner, from the Transmigration and Manpower Office of West Papua Province in 2020.

The Siddhakarya Award is a provincial-level award given to businesses with high productivity.

At the same time, it succeeded to maintain the level of productivity for three consecutive years.

“Yes, we got the Siddhakarya award with the qualification to start producing (early results),” explained Martina.

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