The Most Beautiful Christmas gift, PLN Electrifies Kobakma, Central Mamberamo – Ahead of the 2022 Christmas celebration, PLN officially provides electricity to the people of the Capital City of Central Mamberamo Regency. This is the most beautiful Christmas present for 750 customers in the Kobakma District who previously had difficulty getting access to electricity.

Ice Karoba, a resident of the Kobakma District, is grateful because he has enjoyed electricity. In the future, residents will not feel the dark and it will be difficult to do activities because of inadequate lighting.

“In the last year we have felt the light from 5 pm to 11 pm using a generator. In one day we can spend two hundred thousand to use around 10 liters of fuel. After we heard that there was cooperation with PLN, we as a community were very happy. Thank you PLN,” said Ice.

An Acting Regency of Central Mamberamo District, Yonas Kenelak is grateful because of PLN’s support now that people can feel electricity. This is one of the Christmas gifts this year for all people who deserve to be greeted with joy.

“Thank you very much for this good cooperation. We are still working on completing infrastructure equipment that can support electricity, such as tanks and others so that electricity can be on 24 hours. We are trying to complete this as soon as possible to support electricity management,” he said.

Currently the electricity system for Central Mamberamo Regency is supplied directly by the Kobagma Diesel Power Plant (PLTD) with a power capable of generating up to 700 kW with a peak load of 192 kW.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region, Budiono, explained that all of this is a form of synergy and collaboration of various stakeholders to promote people’s welfare through electricity. With the presence of electricity, all aspects can improve in a more positive direction, both in terms of the economy, health and education. “PLN is pleased and happy because it was given the opportunity to be present in Mamberamo Tengah. In order for the electricity supply to remain reliable, we ask ladies and gentlemen of the community, to be able to help us both maintain existing assets such as the network to the generators,” said Budiono.

“We hope that this year’s Christmas celebration can be celebrated smoothly and with more emotion. PLN steadily strive to maximize service. Our target is that in the next few weeks the hours of operation will soon be 24 hours by continuing to coordinate for the fulfillment and readiness of infrastructure by the local government,” concluded Budiono.

Apart from Central Mamberamo Regency, in 2022 PLN has succeeded in electrifying Tolikara Regency, Gunung Bintang Regency and Mamberamo Raya Regency. Various efforts to build communication with the local government and security-related security forces continue to be carried out so that the Puncak, Lanny Jaya, Intan Jaya and Puncak Jaya Regencies can be immediately electrified by PLN.

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