The ‘Menoken’ Movement Echoed in Merauke –  The ‘Menoken’ movement was echoed in Merauke by teams from Yogyakarta, Bogor and Jayapura collaborating with several communities in Merauke Regency.

This activity lasted approximately one week at a number of points starting from Gudang Arang, Kamahedoga Village, Yanggandur Village, Sota District and Poo Village, Jagebob District.

One of the initiators of this movement, Ambrosius Rumbiwarto, said “Menoken” is an act of knitting and building a platform to connect community, products, knowledge and solidarity. Thus, he continued, this movement was based entirely on the philosophy of noken itself, namely love of mercy, knitting of solidarity, strength in flexibility, utility, openness and nurturing of life.

“Menoken is an activity that is always informal, flexible, prioritizing friendship, gathering, camping, cooking and eating together. Besides,  it is for also sharing stories and knowledge, singing, dancing and enjoying the arts and culture together, building enthusiasm and solidarity and others, “he said, to a number of journalists, Tuesday (25/5/2021).

Special for this activity, he said, it was fully managed and jointly owned by various communities like the Samdhana Institute, A Food Cuyam (Bevak Cuyam), Merauke Nature School, Merauke Art Studio (Bevak Mama) and Fokker LSM Papua.

Adriana Papo, one of the producers of local sago food in Merauke Regency, added that the team carried out several activity items in connection with the menoken movement. “For the first day, the team visited the Nature School in Gudang Arang, as well as providing several subjects, starting from how to cultivate and develop sago, investing in oil palm which destroys forests and others,” he said.

In addition to, he said, children were also given an understanding of various other potentials in Bumi Anim Ha that had to be preserved and maintained. 

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