The Marlin Seafood Restaurant has been Present in Jayapura City with Affordable Prices – The Marlin Seafood Restaurant has been present in Jayapura City, Papua. The restaurant which is located on the coast of Holtekamp Beach with the backdrop of the Youtefa Bridge which has become the icon of Jayapura City, offers a different menu from the restaurants around it.

The owner of The Marlin Seafood Restaurant, Hj Rostini Alwi, said that his restaurant would become a culinary destination and contribute to advancing the tourism industry in Jayapura City.

The Marlin Seafood Restaurant has a capacity of 500 people and serves a variety of Indonesian culinary menus, Japanese to Korean specialties which are currently becoming contemporary culinary delights.

The restaurant, which is equipped with karaoke and live music, will add to the relaxed atmosphere of visitors. “We also have a VIP room that is used for birthdays, social gatherings and wedding receptions,” said Hj Rostini, who said the inauguration of The Marlin Seafood Restaurant coincided with her son’s birthday.

A manager of The Marlin Seafood, Agus Andrianto, explained that the menu at The Marlin Seafood Restaurant is definitely different from the restaurants around it.

“Marlin fish is the favorite menu at this restaurant, including 10 other types of fish which are the raw materials,” said Agus.

Not only that, visitors can also eat Papuan culinary specialties, namely Papeda, in a restaurant with panoramic views of the beach. Including the menu of Peking duck, ramen noodles, roasted chicken to goat fried rice.

As for dessert, visitors can eat Palembang’s typical mpek-mpek, spring rolls, toast to fried bananas.

“We also have a diverse drink menu, from various boba to Papuan coffee with a distinctive aroma. For prices, you don’t need to worry, because the prices applied are guaranteed to be lower compared to other restaurants, “explained Agus.

Assistant I Regional Secretariat of the Mayor of Jayapura, Evert Merauje representing the Acting Mayor of Jayapura believes that the presence of The Marlin Seafood Restaurant will open up employment opportunities. Moreover, Jayapura City is a city of commerce, services and tourism in Papua Province. Thus, the Jayapura City Government opens the widest opportunities and opportunities for the community, including investors to advance the City of Jayapura in the fields of trade, services, tourism.

“We hope that The Marlin Seafood Restaurant will display Port Numbay’s local wisdom, for example by presenting a menu of regional specialties and ornaments in the restaurant, as an effort to introduce local culture and give a warm impression to visitors,” he explained.

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