The Magnificent New Building of the Office for Klasis Kingmi Tangma: An Evidence that the Bible is Alive – The new building of Office for the Klasis of Kemah Injil Indonesia (Kingmi) in Tangma District, Yahukimo Regency, Highlands Papua Province was finally inaugurated on Monday 19 December 2022.

This building was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Kingmi Synod in Tanah Papua, Rev. Tilas Mom, S.Th, M.Th witnessed by Yahukimo Regent Didimus Yahuli and Puncak Regent Willem Wandik. Even though it only has two floors, this new building is considered splendid for the area of the Central Mountains. Moreover, the external physical ornaments are similar to buildings in Europe.

The inauguration of the new building begins with a short service followed by Christmas Together and ends with the traditional procession of burning stones. A total of 200 pigs donated from 13 members of the congregation, and the GKI church and the Catholic church were burnt at the stones.

A Chairman of the Kingmi Synod in Tanah Papua, Rev. Tilas Mom, said he was proud, because through the hands of Kingmi cadres in Tanah Papua, the results of the Kingmi Church’s evangelism in Tanah Papua could finally build assets from the Kingmi church.

“The synod can only make programs, but God’s children, it is church cadres who can help us smooth our program, and the result is that we can inaugurate the Tangma Klasis office,” said Rev. Tilas Mom.

He hopes that the new Tangma Class Office can be utilized by the priests under the auspices of the Tangma Class administrators, members of the comrades and youth so that they can improve the special services of the Bible Tent church in the land of Papua, more specifically in the 13 congregations under the Kingmi Tangma Class.

The same sentiment was conveyed by Yahukimo Regent Didimus Yahuli who hoped that the congregation under the auspices of the Klasis Kingmi Tangma would give thanks for the establishment of the Kingmi Tangma Office. So that it can improve the spiritual services of the people under the auspices of the Kingmi Church in the land of Papua.

On that occasion, Didimus Yahuli encouraged the church along with the government, village heads and adat to jointly build education as a future asset for the Tangma generation. Even a one-stop flagship school is already present in the Tangma District with teachers who have the Christian faith.

“The first prayer of the Papuan people from Pdt. Isak Semuel Kijne, at Atumeri Hill 25 October 1925, where this nation will rise to lead itself. For this reason, I encourage Tangma’s children to go to school, so that in the future a golden generation will be born from Tangma,” he said.

Kingmi cadres in the Land of Papua who is also the Puncak Regent Willem Wandik conveyed that the construction of the magnificent Kingmi Tangma Class Office was the work of the Kingmi Synod in the Land of Papua.

“This is the Kingmi Synod in Tanah Papua that was built, I am only a tool used by God, the seeds of the Bible are now there, we will hold the baton of the Gospel Message, I am proud of the missionaries Myson and Marj Bromly 1961, they were able to lay the foundation The Kemah Injil church is here, they are great people, so we, the current generation, have to take good care of this church,” he said.

He hopes that the Kingmi church must start thinking about building Human Resources (HR) in the field of Theology, because currently the number of children enrolling in the Theology school belonging to the Kingmi Church Synod in Tanah Papua is starting to decrease.

“We will build the church physically, build a magnificent class office, but if there are no Theological HR to manage the office, it is not good. For this reason, from now on, all Kingmi people in Tanah Papua must think about cadres for our children, so that this Bible will continue to be maintained,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Kingmi Tangma Class, Rev. Yusuf Hesegem, said that there have been three main programs since the struggles of 13 congregations being appointed as Tangma class administrators since 2015. The three programs referred to are building a two-floor class office, and the Gospel Monument and the translation of the Bible for local mother tongue.

“As a result of the prayers of the congregation, God finally sent Kingmi cadres in Tanah Papua, Mr. Puncak Regent Willem Wandik to come lay the first stone in Tangma on December 17 2018. After that we waited for almost three years, finally the regent gave him a carpenter and finally finished in 2022 and we can make it official now,” he said.

Rev. Yusuf Hesegem said, Klasis Kingmi Tangma in the future will focus on translating the Bible in the original language, so that people can know the contents of the Bible and the seeds of the Bible will continue to be in this place.

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