The Loveliness of the Blue River Genyem Papua, Beautiful and can see the Cendrawasih Birds – An Eastern Indonesia, precisely in Papua, there are a number of tourist attractions with beautiful landcapes. One of the interesting tourist destinations to visit while in Papua is Kali Biru Genyem.

Papua has many tourist destinations that can make tourists amazed. A series of mainstay tourism potentials continue to attract tourists to visit Papua.

Kali Biru Genyem is located in the Berap area, Nimbokrang, Jayapura Regency, Papua. Based on the name, this tourist attraction is a natural pool with clear turquoise water and has a beautiful natural environment.

Recently, this tourist attraction is on the rise among nature lovers. This is proven by the number of photos uploaded by Kali Biru Genyem on social media.

Although this place has some similarities with other tours in Indonesia, there is somehow a uniqueness when you are in this tourist attraction, one of which is that visitors can see firsthand the native and rare bird of Papua, namely Cenderawasih.

Quoted from the Kemenparekraf website, Friday (21/1/2022), Kali Biru Genyem, located in Papua, has limpid water so that tourists can swim or just play in the water. However, tourists need to be careful when swimming because the water depth reaches 5 meters.

Not only swimming, visitors can capture the moment at Kali Biru by taking selfies with a natural background that is still beautiful. The tourist attraction located at the foot of the mountain makes the air feel cool and refreshing.

In addition to enjoying the beauty and environment of Kali Biru, visitors can take educational tours directly to local residents to learn to weave noken. For information, Noken is a traditional Papuan bag made of wood fiber. The way to carry this bag is by using the head.

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