The Legendary Treasure of Papuan Cakes – Papua is a region in the eastern side of Indonesia. This region is famous for its rich in culture and its diversity in nature. Papua has a special culinary with unique and delicious recipes like Papeda. Besides, it turns out that Papua still has many other special foods. Some of Papua’s culinary specialties include a type of cake.

Papuan cakes are quite unique. Because, it is not easy to find in other areas. Most of Papuan cakes are made from sago. This is because sago is easy enough to find in Papua. Here are some types of delicious and tempting Papuan cakes:

1. The Lontar Cake

The lontar cake is a very popular Papuan food. At first glance the shape is similar to milk pie or cheese tart.

2. The Sago Martabak

Unlike the martabak in general which is made from wheat flour, this typical martabak of Fakfak  is made from sago. The manufacturing process is sago fried and added with a sauce made of brown sugar. This food tastes sweet.

3. The Bagea Cake

Bagea cake is a typical Papuan souvenir. This cake is similar to a roll cake, but made from a different material. The pleasure of this cake is complemented by the softness of the shredded rolled up with various fillings, such as: chicken, chocolate, strawberry, and many more.

4. The Sago Plate

This typical Papuan cuisine is made from sago. This recipe for making sago plates is similar to the process of making wet bread. If ordinary bread is made from wheat, the plate sago is made from sago. Usually the plate sago is consumed personally, so it tends to be difficult to find this food sold in Papua.

5. The Rolled Abon Bread

The rolled shredded bread is a typical food of West Papua which is  large enough in size and contains  the shredded in it. This food is not very durable. So, it must be consumed immediately or stored in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t go stale.

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