The Latest Condition of Fauna and Flora in Lorentz National Park, Papua

The Latest Condition of Fauna and Flora in Lorentz National Park, Papua –Land of Papua well-known for its still-original natural resources has a conservation area called the Lorentz National Park. This area is famous as the broadest National Park of Southeast Asia and it has a kind of the complete vegetation too. Lorentz National Park Lorentz National Park a lot of landscapes that make the region a haven for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Now, the government, through the Lorentz National Park, is striving for the flora and fauna in Papua’s forests to not only become legends in the future. Head of the Lorentz National Park Center,  Acha A Sokoy, Saturday (17/4), said that with the participation of the community in protecting the forest, their children and grandchildren can still see first hand the endemic fauna and flora of Papua.

Inside Lorentz Park there are flora and fauna, such as Cenderawasih, birds, the  endemic Cuscus which have always been cultural symbols, that’s what we protect; preserve them so that our children and grandchildren become proud  or not become legends. It must be admitted that the human resources in the center, only consists of 59 people, are not sufficient for the wide area of Lorentz Park which reaches 2.3 million hectares and encompasses 10 districts. His party to continue  to inform to the community that the Lorentz area is one of the two Papuan assets recognized by UNESCO, apart from Noken, so it must be conserved together.

The Papuan people should be proud. At least for those who live in three traditional areas, namely Lapago, Mepago and Animha. The world provides respect, recognition for this natural property so that it must be protected.

In terms of ecosystem diversity, Lorentz National Park involves all major ecosystem types in Papua, ranging from marine ecosystems, coastal ecosystems, coastal forest ecosystems, brackish water swamp forest ecosystems, freshwater swamp forest ecosystems, lowland forest ecosystems, and low mountain forest ecosystem, high mountain forest ecosystem, sub alpine ecosystem (Tree Line), alpine ecosystem and everlasting snow mountain ecosystem.

Even though the 80 thousand hectares at the Lorentz area are a special zone for residents of 10 regencies such as Jayawijaya, Lany Jaya, Puncak Jaya, Yahukimo, Nduga, Intan Jaya, Paniai, Puncak, Mimika and Asmat, the government always has concern for the preservation of this heritage. It is especially for the conservation management of the Lorentz National Park area, which is nothing but to preserve property, historical values, culture, the environment God created for this land.

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