The Largest Island in Indonesia is Papua, here is the Full Explanation – The largest island in Indonesia is important for Indonesian citizens to know. Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has many islands, including the largest island. So, what is the largest island in Indonesia?

Quoted from the Directorate of Coastal Utilization and Small Islands, the number of islands in Indonesia listed in Law No. 6 of 1996 concerning Indonesian Waters is 17,508 islands.

This number has decreased annually, in 2019 the number of islands in Indonesia became 16,671 which had been reported to the United Nations through the UNGEGN session. Then in 2020, the number of islands in Indonesia has increased to 16,771 islands. Of these islands, the largest island in Indonesia is Papua.

Here is’s review of the largest island in Indonesia which has been summarized from various sources, Wednesday (21/9/2022).

The largest island in Indonesia is Papua with an area of ​​785,753 square kilometers. Papua is an island located north of Australia and is part of the eastern region of Indonesia. Most of the land of Papua is still in the form of wilderness. Apart from being the largest island in Indonesia, Papua is the second largest island in the world after Greenland.

About 47% of the territory of the island of Papua is part of Indonesia, which is known as Netherland New Guinea, West Irian, West Irian, and Irian Jaya, and recently known as Papua. Another part of the island’s territory is the territory of the state of Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea), which is a former British colony.

Papua is divided into two regions, the western part is Indonesian territory. While the eastern part of Papua is the territory of the state of Papua New Guinea. When viewed by means of a map, the island of Papua has a shape resembling a bird of paradise.

Also in Papua, is the highest mountain in Indonesia, namely Puncak Jaya Wijaya with a height of 4,884 m. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency or BPS released in 2021, the population of the island of Papua is 4,355,445 persons.

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