The Kotak and the Ras Muhammad Music Groups to Enliven the Papua PON XX Festival resound and campaign for the celebration of the National Sports Week (PON) XX, the Grand Committee of Papuan PON will hold a grand event titled Gebyar PON XX by presenting top musicians from the capital and 35 local musicians, taking place at the Office Courtyard of Papua Province Governor, Jayapura City, Saturday ( 19/6/21).

Gebyar PON XX will be enlivened by top bands, Kotak and Ras Muhamad as well as 35 local bands and singers from Jayapura City. There will also be performances of Papuan arts and culture.

The committee has prepared tight security and will limit the number of visitors due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

“We apologize to the public for the limitations of visitors and the public at this celebration of  PON XX. We may limit the number of visitors. So, we apologize profusely so that this celebration can continue to run successfully,” said Chairman of the Committee for the XX PON Gebyar, Otniel Deda, to reporters, Thursday (17/6/21).

Deda said, his party had coordinated with the security forces to ensure the permit for the event. Visitors who will attend and parties involved in the event are also required to do a swab or rapid test.

Gebyar PON XX was held to campaign for Papua as the host of PON XX. Wherein Papua claims to be ready to hold events of PON XX in 4 organizing clusters (Jayapura City and District, Mimika, and Merauke).

“This activity is to socialize the host’s readiness and readiness in the 4 clusters as well as the readiness of the organizers and also the campaign of PON XX. And we are very ready to welcome the contingent of all provinces who will attend the PON that take place in Papua,” said Deda.

Gebyar PON XX will be packaged in such an interesting way. In addition to presenting the bands Kotak and Ras Muhamad, they will also present cultural arts performances of indigenous peoples in Bumi Cenderawasih and the Archipelago.

“There will also be a cultural festival for the indigenous people of Papua and the Archipelago as well as an entertainment of local artists and we collect them from other customs so that they are packaged with Nusantara dance customs and we involve studios in Jayapura City from the Jayapura City indigenous people,” he explained

The peak of the Gebyar PON XX event will be closed with the release of lanterns and fireworks in the sky of Jayapura.

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