The Joy of Students at the Puncak Papua Can Return to School – School activities in the Districts of Ilaga and Beoga have been reopened, following the terror conducted by armed groups.

For more than a year, school activities in the two districts have been paralyzed. The teachers chose to flee to a safer place and the students also did not dare to go to school with the security disturbances that occurred.

Thursday, September 8, 2022, the Pemkab Puncak Papua together with the forkopimda restarted educational activities in Puncak. To begin with, the local government held a prayer for the restoration of education taking place at SMAN 1 Ilaga.

The Regent of Puncak Papua, Willem Wandik, together with the acting Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Puncak Regency, Darwin Tobing, handed over a decree to the teachers who passed the employee selection with a work agreement (PPPK).

A total of 32 teachers who received the SK PPPK will be distributed to a number of schools in Puncak Regency.

To note, since the KKB terror attack, learning activities in Ilaga and Beoga have been carried out in the city center. Even teaching and learning activities are conducted at the teacher’s house in Ilaga City, the capital city of Puncak Papua Regency.

Sometimes, teaching and learning activities are also held in the District Government Hall by involving the police from the Bimas Noken Polres Puncak along with the remaining teachers.

Now, security activities in Ilaga and Beoga are conducive. From late July to August 2022, safety continued to be conducive. It is proven that in Ilaga, the 77th RI Anniversary ceremony was held, led by the Regent of Puncak Papua, Willem Wandik.

Since then, activities have returned to normal, ASN has also begun to arrive and Ilaga’s activities have begun to stretch by carrying out government, health, economic and educational activities.

The school is scheduled to start today, Friday 9 September 2022 with security guarantees that have been provided by the security forces.

Representing students in Ilaga and Beoga Districts, as well as Gome, a Head of Student Council of SMAN 1 Ilaga Dito Kiwak hoped that all parties would unite to maintain security in Puncak Regency, so that activities could run normally, including school activities.

“Almost a year, we didn’t go to school. In fact, we really want to go to school and meet many friends. Now with the opening of schools, we hope that schools will not be closed again,” he explained.

Another thing revealed by Awila, a third grade student at SD Ilaga admitted that he was happy that the school was reopening.

“At school, we meet a lot of friends, teachers, study together, play at school,” he said.

One of the teachers at SMAN I Beoga, Linus Wandagau asked all parents to support education to develop this area.

“If security conditions are conducive, Indonesian teachers can return to teaching at Puncak,” he said.

The Regent of Puncak Papua, Willem Wandik, SE, M.Si, who was present face to face with the students, occasionally asked students how they felt about the reopening of schools.

“Do the kids want to go to school now?” asked the Regent.

Compactly, all the students present answered “We want to go back to school. We want to learn more,” said the students.

The regent said that when schools were closed, the teaching-learning process did not work, because of security. “Indeed, the biggest human rights violations are things like this, causing schools to close, education being paralyzed, damaging the future of children,” he said.

He hopes that all parties can maintain security for the progress of Puncak Papua.

“If security is conducive, schools are opened, children study well and calmly, for a better future.  Children of Puncak can certainly be on par with children in other areas,” he said.

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