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The Inspiring Story of Lena, a Viral Papuan Student Nicknamed Barbie

goodmorningpapua.com – Social media is buzzing again, Mother. Not long ago, a viral video on TikTok featuring a Papuan student who has face like a Barbie doll.

How not, the student looks to have blonde hair and has pretty eyes. She really looks like a doll.

The video was originally uploaded by the TikTok account @herolenaberoperay. In the content, the student, known as Herolena Beroperay or popularly called Lena, seems to bind her hair and is in the garden.

Lena’s appearance, of course, immediately attracts the public concern. In fact, now content featuring his figure has been watched more than 1.6 million times, received 160 thousand likes and 492 comments.

Through the comments column, netizens are busy praising her face. Not a few of them suspect that Lena is a foreign citizen (foreigner).

So far, Lena said, it was doubtful that she was from Papua. Lena confirmed that she is a native of the Yapen Islands Regency, Serui, Papua.

The first child of seven siblings admitted that netizens did not believe that she was a native of Eastern Indonesia, until she released an evidence of family photos.

“I’ve experienced something unpleasant, when many people don’t believe that I’m Papuan. But I still convince them by showing them a family photo or showing them my parents,” she said angrily.

Lena said that her biological mother and great-grandmother had almost the same physical characteristics as her. However, in her father’s family, Lena’s father’s great-grandfather had the physical characteristics of Europeans.

“She does not know his origins because he was found in a physically disabled condition in a river in Sorong, Papua named Werimon. Then he was given the name Werimon which later became one of the clans of Serui Regency, Papua. The physical characteristics of my grandfather are white, red-brown hair, spiky nose, and gray eyes,” said Lena.

Albino is a rare condition that causes a person to lack or not have melanin in his/her body. Melanin is a pigment produced by the body to determine the color of skin, hair, and the iris or the iris of the eye.

The 21-year-old woman revealed that she was an albino. “Yes, I am an albino because some of the physical signs of an albino person are on me,” she said.

Even so, Lena said that this condition did not make her feel inferior. She is even more confident and sharpening all the potential that exists within herself to make both parents proud of her achievements.

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