The History of Lake Sentani Papua by Means of Indonesia’s Digital House – Who does not know a Lake of Sentani. The lake stretching between Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency, Papua, holds many mysteries. One of the mysteries of Lake Sentani is about the history of civilization and the origin of the lake located below the slopes of the Cyclops Nature Reserve which has an area of ​​​​about 245,000 hectares.

To uncover the history of Lake of Sentani, exploration begun. The research this time was led by the Papua Province Archaeological Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The research was begun by exploring Putali Village. Putali village is one of the villages in the Lake Sentani area. In addition to Putali Village, scouring was also done in Abar Village, and the Love Lake or Imfote Lake.

In the Lake of Love, a researcher from the Indonesian Institute of Archeology, Hari Suroto, conducted a ground surface survey to look for archaeological data. In the lake, Hari also found marine coral reefs, which are not usually found in freshwater lakes.

“It’s very interesting because in the freshwater lakes, sea corals were found. It is possible that in the past there was a geological process, there may have been an uplift. Because it is impossible for corals from the sea to rise to the surface, especially on a hill like this,” Hari said in the video of Rumah Digital Indonesia seen by, Saturday (7/8/2021)

The coral reefs are planned to be taken to the Archaeological Center of Papua Province for further investigation, as well as to uncover the history of Lake of Sentani. Moreover, previously, sharks have been found in Lake Sentani.

Sweeping steadily carried out. Hari and his friends again found other sea shell fossils. Get curious? Let’s watch the video at Rumah Digital Indonesia,

You can select the map and click Digital Literacy Room, then select Community Room. You can watch the Video Revealing the History of Lake of Sentani at Indonesian Stories. Don’t forget to write Lake Sentani in your notes as one of the tourist destinations that you will visit after the pandemic.

Apart from Uncovering the History of Lake Sentani, there is still a lot of interesting content at Rumah Digital Indonesia that will be present during Independence Month to accompany you in celebrating independence at home.

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