The Head of the Central KONI Makes Sure that the PON of Papua Will Be Held on Schedule – A General Chairman of the Central KONI Marciano Norman makes sure that the National Sports Week (PON) in Papua will continue as planned on October 2-15.

This was emphasized by Marciano after holding a coordination meeting with Menpora Zainudin Amali, together with the Directorate of Occupational Health and Sports of the Ministry of Health, Harry Papilaya, at the Office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Tuesday (8/6/2021).

The former State Intelligence Agency (BIN) said that he had directly ensured Papua’s readiness to be a host of the 20th PON, which was planned to be held on 30 October-4 November 2021.

Previously, Mimika through the Regent of Papua, Eltinus Omaleng, said that his region had stopped all preparations for the Papua PON due to uncertain budget issues. Quoting Antara, Mimika Regency is said to have proposed a budget of around Rp 500 billion to Rp 700 billion, but only Rp 78 billion has been realized. The head of the Central KONI also responded to this thing.

“Regarding the statement issued by the Mimika Regent, there is indeed a budget problem that is not yet suitable. But if we study it, the Mimika problem will be supported, but the stages are in accordance with the flow that is partly from the APBD and APBN, that’s what we provide,” said Marciano.

“So the problems that surfaced in several media, there were several districts that were dissatisfied and the city refused the direction of the Minister of Youth and Sports (Zainudin Amali) it has been resolved properly,” he said.

Not only about budget issues, but Marciano also ensures that the venue’s readiness and security are also smooth. “The venue is still as expected with the time plan made. There are still venues that are in process but it will be finished,” he said.

“Similarly with the security situation that was feared, we have received support from the Papuan Police Chief. They ensure that PON security can take place safely and smoothly. Even the National Police Chief and TNI are also at Papua to ensure security there,” he said.

Marciano also affirmed that his party will continue to monitor the readiness of the Papua PON. “The visit to Papua will continue to be carried out in the near future. The Minister of Youth and Sports will also check the appropriate readiness. PON of Papua is still in the schedule and activities we have planned.”

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