The First Quarter of 2021, a Positive Economic Growth of Papua Reaches 14.28 Percent –  Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative of Papua noted that economic growth in the Papua region has shown positive growth. In the first quarter of this year, economic growth in Papua reached 14.28 percent.

Head of the Papua Province Representative Office of Bank Indonesia, Naek Tigor Sinaga, predicts that the improved economic growth in Papua is due to public optimism regarding the recovery of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially with the vaccination program.

“This is strengthened by the increase in the index of community movement in the retail and recreation business area in Papua which was released by the Google Mobility Index,” Tigor said in a written statement.

He said the economic growth in Papua was even better than the national economic growth which was still minus. The economy of Papua, said Tigor, was boosted by the growing growth of the mining sector.

“Papua’s economy is still dominated by the mining sector, which has grown by 61.06 percent (yoy),” said Tigor.

Tigor noted that non-mining economic growth was recorded to still experience a contraction of minus 3.76 percent (yoy), no deeper than the contraction in the fourth quarter of 2020 of minus 6.83 percent (yoy).

“This provides optimism for the improvement of the non-mining economy in the future,” he said.

He added that in encouraging economic recovery, Bank Indonesia has also carried out a mapping of safe and productive sectors that need to be the attention of local governments and business actors.

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