The First Policewoman Figure to be a Chief of Traffic Unit for Polresta of Jayapura City – AKP Pillomina Ida Waymramra became the first policewoman to serve as Chief of Traffic unit for Police of Jayapura City. AKP Pillomina replaces the previous official position, namely AKP Viky Pandu Widhapermana.

The position change was carried out at the Jayapura City Police Headquarters Hall on Monday 22 November 2021 by the Jayapura City Police Chief Kombes Pol. Gustav R Urbinas.

At the same place, the position of Kapolsek Muara Tami was handed over from AKP Jubelina Wally to AKP Junan Plitomo.

The handover of Position begins with the reading of the official oath and is followed by the signing of the official handover and followed by the signing of the integrity pact by the Jayapura City Police Chief and followed by old and new officials.

In his remarks, the Jayapura City Police Chief Kombes Pol Gustav said the handover of positions had an important and strategic meaning, because it aimed to improve the quality of the unit from time to time.

“Position turnover are also a refresher for an organization and promotion of officials who carry out their duties for career development,” he explained.

The Jayapura City Police Chief congratulated the old and new officials for the trust given by the leadership. “Please work sincerely and sincerely in carrying out your duties in order to realize a Precise Police posture,” he said.

Gustav thanked and gave the highest appreciation for the implementation of the duties of the old officials who together created and maintained a conducive situation in the jurisdiction of Jayapura City.

“For new officials, please quickly adjust to assist the Jayapura City Police Unit. The positive things from old officials should be continued, even improved so that services to the community can be improved,” he explained.

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