The Features of the Jayawijaya Mountains in Papua, Eternal Snow on the Carstensz Peak – The Jayawijaya Mountains stretching across Papua is Indonesia’s highest peak. A mountain with a height of about 4,884 meters above sea level, also known as Mount Carstensz Pyramid is located in the provinces of Papua to Papua New Guinea.

Its very high location makes this mountain presents a very spectacular natural panorama. As a result, there are also many privileges given by the Jayawijaya Mountains. The following features are presented by Indonesia’s highest peak.

The highest mountain in Indonesia and the Australian continent

Citing, with a peak height of 4,884 meters above sea level, this mountain is the highest mountain in Indonesia and the highest mountain on the Australian continent. In addition, Mount Jaya Wijaya also ranks 2nd after Mount Hkakabo Razi (5,881 meters above sea level) in Myanmar in the highest mountain range in Southeast Asia.The following features are presented by Indonesia’s highest peak.

Origin of the name Carstensz

The name Carstensz is taken from a historical story in 1623 when the Dutch sailor, Jan Carstensz saw the peak through binoculars on his voyage across the southern coast of the Arafura Sea. At that time, Jan Carstensz was called a liar and was even considered crazy when he claimed to have found the Carstensz Pyramid Mountain covered in snow in Indonesia. Then, after 300 years, Jan Carstensz succeeded to prove his point.

Possesing the eternal snow that erodes over time

Indonesia, which is a tropical country because it is crossed by the equator, makes it impossible to snow. However, snow can still be found at the Mount Jaya Wijaya. That way, Mount Jaya Wijaya becomes the only snowy place in a tropical country. However, the snow on this mountain will disappear over time due to extreme climate change, as reported by Antaranews.

Glacier on top of a mountain

Besides snow, Mount Jaya Wijaya is also filled with glaciers, which are layers of ice that have been piled up for decades. This condition is an advantage for climbers because it can be used as a source of fresh water supply for the surrounding area.

The most expensive mountain climb in the world

Climbing the peak of Jaya Wijaya is referred to as a fairly expensive climb. No half-hearted, climbing this mountain is also called more expensive than the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. This is because a climbing group of five people has to pay around Rp. 55 million per person.

Including the seven summits

Both local and foreign climbers must have an interest in reaching Puncak Jaya Wijaya. The reason is, this mountain is included in the seven summits, which is the name for the highest mountains from seven continents in the world, as quoted from the book Seven Summits Climbing Tricks & Tips.

However, until now the determination of Mount Jaya Wijaya as the 7th seven summit in the world is still a matter of debate. It is because initially, the creation of the World’s Seven Summit recorded by Dick Bass referred to Mount Kosciuszko as a member of the 7th order.

Meanwhile, Reinhold’s statement revealed that the 7th world summit is Carstensz Peak, which is located in the mountains of Papua. He stated that climbing Mount Jaya Wijaya has a steeper and more extreme path than climbing Mount Kosciusko. Finally, Reinhold’s opinion received a lot of support from climbers in remote corners of the earth.

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