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The Establishment of 3 New Autonomous Regions in Papua Accelerates Development

goodmorningpapua.com – Commander of Kodim 1702/Jayawijaya Lt. Col. Cpn Athenius Murip, said that the establishment of 3 New Autonomous Regions (DOB) in Papua Province namely South Papua, Central Papua and Highlands Papua would accelerate development in the area.

His party gave an example as in West Papua Province which continues to advance and develop as it is today.

“The formation of a new province in Papua can accelerate development which will also impact regional progress so as to improve the people’s economy,” he told the media on the sidelines of attending the inauguration ceremony of the 3 new autonomous regions of the province in Jakarta, Friday (11/11).

The Dandim, who is also an Indigenous Son of Papua Mountains, hopes that with the inauguration of this new province, the acceleration of development in Papua can be implemented immediately because this is the hope of all people in the Land of Papua.

“We all want development to be carried out immediately so that Papua will be the same as other regions in Indonesia,” he said, Saturday (12/11).

It was reported that today the Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian, had inaugurated 3 new provinces of Papua, namely South Papua, Central Papua and Highlands Papua which took place at Plaza Square Building A, Ministry of Home Affairs Headquarters, Jakarta.

“By the grace of God Almighty, today, Friday 11 November 2022, taking place in Jakarta, I Muhammad Tito Karnavian, Minister of Home Affairs on behalf of the President of the Republic of Indonesia hereby inaugurate South Papua Province based on Law Number 14 of 2022, Papua Province Tengah based on Law Number 15 of 2022, and the Papua Highlands Province based on Law Number 16 of 2022,” said Tito.

This inauguration was also marked by the inauguration of 3 acting governors who had been appointed by President Joko Widodo to lead the 3 new provinces.

The inauguration was also carried out symbolically with the beating of tifa which is a typical Papuan musical instrument and the signing of an inscription.

The 3 new provinces are divisions of the Papua Province. The law governing the formation of the three provinces was passed by the Indonesian Parliament on 30 June 2022 and enacted on 25 July 2022.

The Acting Governors are Apolo Safanpo for the Acting Governor of South Papua, Nikolaus Kondomo for the Acting Governor of Papua Pegunungan, and Ribka Haluk for the Acting Governor of Central Papua.

Apolo is the Chancellor of Cendrawasih University in Papua and Nikolaus is the Head of the Papua High Prosecutor’s Office. Meanwhile, Ribka served as Head of the Papua Social Population and Civil Registry Service.

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