The Enthusiasm of the Indigenous Peoples of Kayo Island Welcoming the Congress of AMAN VI – The Indigenous Law Community of Tahima Soroma-Kayo Island Village, Jayapura City, Papua welcomes the Congress of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago VI.

The enthusiasm of the community can be seen from the readiness of the indigenous people of Kampung Kayo Pulau ahead of the congress taking place on October 24-30, 2022.

Apart from Kayo Pulau Village, the enthusiasm of the Enggros Village community is also not loss to preparing a meeting place.

Ondoafi of the Youwe tribe, Nicolas Youwe, said that the indigenous people of Kayo Pulau have made various preparations to welcome guests who will come to the AMAN Congress.

“Since it was designated as a place for gatherings, the community has started to prepare everything to welcome guests who will come to our village,” said Nicolas Youwe, Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

In addition to beautifying the village, the indigenous people of Kayo Pulau also provide a house as a place to stay and a pavilion to support the successful implementation of the workshop.

Not only that, the readiness of consumption and transportation is also something that is being prepared with the local committee to support the smooth running of the Congress of AMAN VI. Similarly, the village head, Tommy Sibi, said that the people of Kampung Kayo Pulau had prepared all their needs by working together to welcome the AMAN Congress.

Even so, as stated by him, there are still many things that need to be addressed with the local committee, so that all guests can feel comfortable while in Kampung Kayo Pulau.

“There are several things that we will work on together, including the internet and clean water, so that guests can feel comfortable in our village,” said Tommy Sibi.

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