The Endemic Animals Released Again in Papua – A number of translocated animals were returned to their habitat in Papua. The released animals include 3 chef’s cockatoos (Cacatua Galerita) which are the translocated animals from the North Sumatra BBKSDA in 2020.

Furthermore, 6 southern mambruks (Goura sclateri) which are the result of patrols and submissions from the community in several places in Mimika Regency in the 2020 period.

A Head of the Natural Resources Conservation Division (KSDA) Region I of the Papua KSDA Center, Irwan Efendi, said that the release of these animals was carried out at this time, because the condition of these animals had a wild nature and fulfil both physical and laboratory health requirements.

The Papua Natural Resources Conservation Agency, Ranu (8/7) released 17 endemic Papuan animals in the Kuala Kencana Forest, Kuala Kencana District, Mimika Regency. The activity was carried out with the Mimika Regency Government, the Mimika Forestry and Environment Office Branch, various related agencies in Mimika Regency, and PT Freeport Indonesia.

The release and translocation of animals in 2021 issues the theme Living in Harmony with Nature. We are all invited to preserve the state’s wildlife, because of the important role these animals play in nature. The Kuala Kencana Forest was chosen as the release location because it considered suitable habitat with sufficient natural food availability, and was safe from threats and disturbances.

The animals were previously treated at once through habituation at PT Freeport Indonesia’s Mile 21 Animal Transit Cage. The animal has undergone a medical examination by a veterinarian from the Mimika Regency Livestock and Animal Health Service. The released animals are endemic to Papua, except for the great mandar (Porphyrio porphyrio). All of these released animals are protected species based on Government Regulation No. 7/1999 on Preservation of Wild Plants and Animals.

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