The Enchantment of Fakfak Marine Tourism, the Oldest Regency in Papua – Tubir Seram Island in Fakfak Regency, as one of West Papua’s historical and tourist attractions, also attracted the attention of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno. He had run for 5 kilometers (km) from the inn, past the landscape of Fakfak City, namely Satu Tungku Tiga Batu to the Water Police port pier to cross using a fast boat to Tubir Seram Island.

“We enjoyed the extraordinary scenery. We also saw the beauty of Fakfak City while running and it was fun,” said Sandiaga in an official statement, Friday (10/14/2022).

Arriving at Tubir Seram Island, Sandiaga saw a stretch of white sand to a statue of a Fakfak hero wearing traditional clothes and carrying two weapons in a pose facing directly to Fakfak City.

“Earlier I tried the sensation of swimming. Even behind the island there was a dive spot, where there were hammer sharks and pygmy pip horses,” he said.

Interestingly, said Sandiaga, when the water receded, Tubir Seram Island could be reached on foot from Fakfak City.

“I was told that Tubir Seram Island was able to walk to Fakfak. This is what we have to map out for promotion with HPI Fakfak friends and Fakfak Molo Divecenter,” he said. Sandiaga promised to come again to Pala City, to explore the potential for natural and cultural tourism there, especially diving tourism.

“So, it seems I have to schedule a longer trip,” said Sandiaga.

However, he was pressed for time because he had to go home. And if not, Sandiaga will come again to dive because around Tubir Seram Island, there are several dive spots that can be developed.

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