The Enchantment of Amai Beach in Jayapura Regency – Amai Beach in Jayapura Regency is a Papuan tourist destination that is regreted to miss.

Located in Tablasupa Village, Depapre District, Jayapura Regency, Papua, Amai Beach can be reached by road using a vehicle.

It only takes about two hours drive to reach Amai Beach from downtown Jayapura.

At Amai Beach there is a clear freshwater river estuary at the end of the beach. This makes Amai Beach a meeting point for salt water and fresh water.

Quoted from the Jayapura Regency Disbudpar page, the fresh water here has a cold temperature because it comes down from the Cyclop mountain spring.

This beach has white sand that stretches. The trees that surround this beach not only add to the beautiful panorama of Amai Beach, but also provide cool atmosphere.

You can relax on the beach while accompanied by the sound of the waves. At Amai Beach, tourists can do a number of tourist activities.

Visitors can swim in this clear watery beach. You can also do snorkeling to diving.

For tourists who like fishing, you can also do this activity on this beach. Tourists who want to spend the night on this beach need not worry. There are inns that can be rented.

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