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The Economic Growth of All Islands is Equal, Papua and Maluku are the Highest

goodmorningpapua.com – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded that the Indonesian economy in Quarter I-2022 was able to grow strongly by 5.01 percent year on year (yoy). This is one proof that people’s purchasing power is starting to gradually recover.

A Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati also claimed that economic performance in various provinces had strengthened in line with the control of the pandemic. She said, all islands in Indonesia recorded positive growth in early 2022.

“What is good, of course, is that the growth in the first quarter is fairly evenly distributed across sectors in all regions,” she said online, Tuesday (24/5).

She continued that not only Java Island showed growth of more than 5 percent, but Sulawesi also showed the same growth, reaching 5.3 percent.

“In fact, the economic growth of Maluku and Papua reached 10.75 percent,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Kalimantan showed a positive zone at 3.21 percent. Sumatra also grew positively with never declining even though it was still at the level of 4 percent.

Meanwhile, Bali and Nusa Tenggara also began to show recovery at the level of 3.42 percent after two years of conditions that were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This illustrates that improving commodities and also in terms of inter-regional growth indicates a fairly even recovery,” concluded the Minister of Finance.

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