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The Eco-Friendly Fuel Starts to Be Considered by Residents of the Jayapura City

goodmorningpapua.com – The use of the eco-friendly fuel in Jayapura City is increasing. The volume of its use reaches 88.8 percent compared to the total type of gasoline used by vehicle users.

This is known after 3 months of implementing the Phase I of Blue Sky Program (PLB) in Jayapura City.

Meanwhile, the proportion of consumption of premium use in Jayapura City decreased by 11.2 percent from before the PLB was implemented, namely around 21.9 percent.

A Unit Manager for Pertamina Papua Maluku Regional Communication, Relations & CSR, Edi Mangun explained that the highest use of eco-friendly fuel currently consumed by the people of Jayapura is a fuel type of Pertalite RON 90, with the proportion of Pertalite consumption reaching 83.5 percent.

To note, higher quality fuel has a high octane number (Research Octane Number / RON), so it is more environmentally friendly because it is low in emissions.

In fact, vehicle manufacturers already require cars from the 2000s and on to use a minimum of Pertalite class fuel.

Pertamina hopes that the public takes care of their own vehicles by recognizing what is the standard for fuel that must be used, especially related to the minimum RON limit recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

“On average, vehicles from 2003 and above already have engine compression with a minimum fuel standard of 90 octane,” he said.

As a form of Pertamina’s commitment to see the quality of a healthy and clean environment, the Blue Sky Program (PLB) will continue to enter phase 2. Where people can still feel the quality fuel at a special price saving Rp 1,000, – per liter.

“So that people can still feel the sensation of driving using quality fuel with an affordable price,” he said.

Edi hopes that when the PLB promo takes place, people can still use eco-friendly fuel, so that clean and healthy air quality is maintained in Jayapura City.

If you need information concerning with Pertamina’s product services and other special Pertamina programs, the public can directly contact Pertamina Call Center 135.

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