The Driving Teachers and the Future of Education in Papua – The West Papua Provincial Mobilization Teacher Center (BGP) held a Batch 2 Supervisory Workshop in Year One with the theme “Facilitating Learning Needs and Sharing Good Practices in the Education Unit’s Mobilizing School Program” at the Kyriad M Hotel Sorong, Tuesday (13/12).

A Head of the West Papua Province BGP Drive School Program (PSP), Wawan, said the workshop was a group activity involving around 21 supervisors from the early childhood/kindergarten to high school levels in Sorong City.

“PSP is to improve the leadership abilities of school principals. Where can the school principal accompany the teachers to improve learning in the education unit,” said Wawan to Kapabar, Tuesday (13/12).

Wawan continued, as it is known that with this PSP, the focus is on the implementation of the Independent Curriculum in education units.

“It is hoped that friends in this education unit can apply the Independent Curriculum, in accordance with the results of the assistance provided by the school facilitator,” said Wawan.

Wawan added, so far, for PSP there have been two batches running, where the First Batch of the Second Year was assisted by 8 facilitators. While the Second Batch of the First Year was accompanied by 9 facilitators.

“So these facilitators will accompany the education unit schools according to the level we have voted for. Due to the nature of this year, each level can only be accompanied by a facilitator that we have voted for according to the level. We can’t cross levels like the previous year,” he explained.

He hopes that the entire series of workshop activities will run in accordance with the guidelines so that the set goals can be achieved. “Our hope is that supervisors can accompany them to the educational unit they are also fostering so that they can oversee the learning community and the learning process,” he said.

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