The Division of Papua Can Bring about Good Impact – The plan for the division of Papua Province into six administrative regions has received support from many circles.

The six provinces to be expanded include South West Papua, West Papua, Central Papua, Central Mountains, South Papua, and Papua Tabi Saireri.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) who is also a native Papuan, John Wempi Wetipo, said that the division of provinces in Papua could have a good impact.

“At least there is a big umbrella to oversee all the development processes that are taking place in Papua,” said John.

The big umbrella is the urgency of the central government to form an authority body to coordinate all policies in Papua, including the division.

The President’s special staff, Billy Mambrasar, stated that it was important to expand or form new provinces and districts in Papua.

He detailed a number of reasons, such as historical, cultural, economic and government factors as the basis for his opinion.

“Papua’s geographical condition is very broad. Second, the complexity of the geographical conditions. And third, with a note that what has happened before, we fix it,” said Billy.

Billy also said that it needs to involve the younger generation of Papua in this process. Don’t be anymore that the process just to improve the fate of the Papuan people but turning out to be the monopoly of old Papuan figures.

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