The Development Upholds the Dignity of Indigenous Papuans

Member of Commission II DPR RI, Komarudin Wataubun, assessed that evaluation of the implementation for Special Autonomy of Papua (Otsus) was a necessity. Evaluation needs to be done thoroughly on the implementation of Otsus, not only on funds but also on all aspects.

“The Bill of Papua Special Autonomy 2021 is an urgent need to protect and uphold the dignity of the Papuan Indigenous People, accelerating of the development of welfare, improving of the quality of public services, as well as continuation and sustainability of development,” said Komarudin in a webinar entitled “Uniting hearts, Developing Papua” organized by the Division Police Public Relations, at the Ambhara Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/6) afternoon.

According to the Chairperson of the Special Committee on the Bill of Special Autonomy of Papua at the DPR RI, the addition of the phrase “protect and uphold the dignity of the Indigenous Papuans” gives a philosophical meaning that the essence of accelerating Papuan development is needed to improve the quality of life of Papuans and the Papuan people in general, not just be understood in perspective of “victims” of defense/security policies (especially in the past).

As a member of the DPR RI, Komarudin Wataubun explained that there were six proposals submitted by his faction in the evaluation of Otsus Papua, namely: One, The Special Autonomy Fund was added. Two, focused on education, health and economy. Three, regional division for equal distribution. Fourth, the establishment of the Papua Special Autonomy Agency. Five, Formation of Local Political Parties; and 6. Partially election of Regional Head (governor/regent/mayor) by DPR Papua.

“Stop looking for scapegoats for being ‘slow’,  being slow or not ideally Otsus for 20 years, return to conscience not to be corrupt, not to be manipulative, sacrificing for the future of our children and grandchildren, for the sake of a peaceful and prosperous Papua future,” said Komarudin Wataubun.

The sociologist at the University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Paulus Wirutomo said that developing Papua had become an international issue. Therefore, the problem is not only to unite hearts, not only with rationality, but the key word is political will.

“Development for the majority people must start immediately so that the government is not trapped by the political demands of the middle class elite (regarding human rights violations, dialogue, and referendum),” he said.

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