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The Charm of the Sea Basin at Pasir 2 Holtekamp Beach, Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Not many people know that in Jayapura City, Papua, besides Holtekamp Beach, there is also Pasir Beach 2 of Holtekamp.

Located not far from Holtekamp Beach and bordered by a large hill, Pasir Beach 2 of  Holtekamp is located in Muara Tami, Jayapura. Last weekend, there were many visitors who came for marine tourism while having a picnic.

“This is the first time I’ve been here. I’m just curious when a friend said that it was lovely. It turned out to be very good,” said Florida Wona (22), a resident of Apo Bengkel, Jayapura, Monday (8/11).

Together with his friends by renting public transportation, Florida is busy traveling to the beach located in the hill basin.

Because it is located in a small basin like a bay, the waves on the beach are not too big, so that many visitors use it to swim.

The beach has two basins separated by a small hill.

The first basin has wide white sand, while the second basin is dominated by large rocks.

Not a few visitors also take the time to bring food complete with grills, to make various “burnt” food menus on the beach.

“I really like this beach because it’s still very clean and beautiful. Because this is new, yes. It’s different from other beaches,” said Florida.

There is no ticket or security officer at the beach yet. The parking matters are still being taken care of by residents. Similarly, Irto Luan (21) also admitted that it was the first time he visited the beach, which is close to the Holtekamp Steam Power Plant (PLTU).

The resident of Circle, Abepura, Jayapura was also invited by his friends who had already visited the beach.

“The beach is very nice. Only there are a lot of big rocks here,” said Irto, who chose to swim in the first rocky inlet.

In addition, Irto also acknowledged the beauty of the beach compared to other ones, because not many people have visited the beach.

Pasir Beach 2 of Holtekamp  also adds tourist options for the community, in addition to well-known beaches, such as Base G Beach, Hamadi Beach, Holtekamp Beach, and Skyland Beach.

Moreover, the XVI Papua National Paralympic Week (Perpanas) is currently being held in Jayapura, which brings many contingents from various provinces to Cenderawasih Earth.

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