The Charm of Dhinda Salsabila, a roller skate Athlete of Papua – Dhinda Salsabila, an 18-year-old athlete strengthens the Papua roller skate team, will attract the attention of sports lovers in the  National Sports Week (PON) XX which will begin on 22 September in Bumi Papua.

The female athlete who was born in Pekanbaru on August 11, 2003 has a beautiful face that will melt the men’s hearts. But it must be known, Dhinda doesn’t just have a beautiful face. The athlete mentored by the Papuan Cenderawasih  roller skating club of Speed ​​Skating has a myriad of proud achievements that make her the craving for men. Her achievements are not only at the national level, but also at the international one. Together with her roller skates, Dhinda has even collected a silver medal at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

In the  Korean Open Short Track event 2019, Dhinda also won a gold medal and a bronze medal. “At the 2019 SEA Games, I appeared in ice skating and I got a silver medal in the women’s 3000 relay number. At the  Korean Open Short Track 2019 in South Korea, the gold medal was 500 meters and bronze was 1000 meters,” said Dhinda to the sports media crew.

“The national achievement I obtained when I participated in the First Lady’s Cup was getting a bronze medal in the 5000 meter number, at the Bekasi Open, I reached a silver medal in the 200 meter number and gold in the 500 meter number,” she continued.

Dhinda’s career as a roller skating athlete received great support from her mother. Her introduction to roller skating came from her homeland in Pekanbaru, Riau, when being a host of the PON XV in 2012. At that time, Dhinda was invited by her mother to watch PON sports competitions. When watching a roller skating match, Dhinda immediately was interested in.

Thanks to her mother, the athlete, who is known to be cheerful, immediately stipulated her choice to focus on training in roller skating.

“So initially, when the PON 2012 was held in my hometown of Pekanbaru, where my mother invited me to watch all sports, and yes, I was immediately interested in roller skating. Every day my mother took me to practice in the hope that I could become a national athlete. And I finally became the athlete I am today,” she recalled. In the XX PON, which only has a few days left, Dhinda will be one of the pillars of the Indonesian Roller Skate Sports Association (Porserosi) of Papua to present the gold medal.

but don’t forget, she also has a pretty face .

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