The Best Scenario for the Division of Papua

The region division of the Papua region is a people’s requirement that has been fulfilled by the Government. With this policy, Papua’s progress is expected to be realized soon.

The territory of Papua stretches out wide, more than 400,000 KM2. However, in such a large area there are only two provinces, namely Papua and West Papua. Therefore, when there will be new provinces, namely Central Papua, South Papua, and Central Highlands Papua, the people cheer for joy. The reason is because the provincial area is getting smaller, making it easier to take care of administration to the provincial capital.

The expansion of the Papua region is fully supported by the community and also traditional leaders. Traditional leaders in Biak Regency, Drs. Yulius Yunus Komisba stated that the division of a new autonomous region in Papua was a necessity. The community has asked for regional expansion since 2004.

Drs. Yulius added that regional expansion would have a positive impact on the community. First, it will create jobs. Then there will be easy access to education and health services. All of this will benefit the progress of the Papuan people because it will lead to prosperity.

Since 2004, there has been a new province, namely West Papua. However, it is still considered insufficient so that Papua will be divided again into 5 provinces. This expansion is highly anticipated by the community because it will make their lives easier. If there is a new province, a new Governor and DPRD office building will be built, complete with infrastructure.

This infrastructure in the form of roads is needed by the community because it facilitates mobility. They don’t have to go through the path anymore, but can go through a paved road of good quality. If people’s mobility is better, the delivery of goods will also be faster and life will be better.

In addition, road construction will minimize public dependence on air transportation. They no longer use airplanes because they can go overland. For the delivery of goods, it can also be via land routes because the roads are good and speed up mobility, thereby cutting transportation costs and it is hoped that the prices of goods in Papua can be suppressed.

So far, the price of basic necessities and other goods is indeed much more expensive than in Java, even reaching 2 to 3 times. The reason is because of the difficulty of land transportation so it must be transported using a small plane. However, when there is a highway, goods can be sent by land and eventually reduce the price of goods in Papua. Automatically the welfare of the people will also increase.

Regional division is indeed a community need because in addition to making various infrastructure and road developments, the addition of a province can improve health problems in Papua. A representative Puskesmas and Hospital will be built to complement the buildings in Bumi Cendrawasih. People can get treatment because the location of the Puskesmas is close, and it’s also free to use BPJS.

It is natural that all Papuan people support regional division because it can prosper them. There will be infrastructure in the form of roads and buildings in the form of health centers and schools. If there is a new school, Papuan children will be smarter because they can gain knowledge there. They can also get free tuition because they get a special autonomy scholarship (Otsus).

The region division is a necessity for all Papuans and the people of Earth of Cendrawasih very much agree with it. Papuan traditional leaders also support the addition of new autonomous regions, which are expected to accelerate prosperity in Papua.

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