The Beauty of Rombebai, the Second Largest Lake in Papua – Papua is a part of Indonesian territory that has beautiful natural resources and is still well preserved. In addition to Lake Sentani, in the easternmost part of Indonesia, Lake Rombebai is also a tourist destination. Reported from various sources, Lake Rombebai is located on the banks of the Mamberamo River or precisely in Mamberamo Hilir District, Mamberamo Raya Regency, Papua Province.

This lake has an area of ​​13,749 hectares, and is the largest and second largest lake after Lake Sentani. Rombebai is adjacent to the Mamberamo River and is 20 km from the Pacific Ocean. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful. The nature is still maintained, moreover it is more interesting to be surrounded by hills covered by fresh green grass.

You can find the most interesting spots to take pictures with the background of the beautiful, natural and charming Lake Rombebai, .

In addition, at dusk, you can see beautiful colored sunsets. Coupled with the natural atmosphere around Lake Rombebai. Although this lake is 20 kilometers (km) from the ocean, sharks have been found in the waters of this freshwater lake. It is because this lake is connected to the Mamberamo river, where this river flows rapidly to the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, animals from the sea can enter the surrounding freshwater waters.

Well, for you who are interested in having a vacation to Lake Rombebai, currently access is easy enough, since Mamberamo Raya Regency already has Kasonaweja Airport. Please note, the plane that landed at Kasonaweja Airport is only a small plane. And the passenger capacity is between 8 to 10 people.

You, for example, can use a charter plane. Then proceed to cross the river, using a speed boat with different rates to the Burmeso Pier. Then when you arrive at the pier, you can continue by land vehicle.

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