The 12 Best High School Schoolboys Represent Papua at the 2021 National Student Art Festival and Competition – A total of 12 high school schoolboys in Papua passed the national selection at the 2021 National Student Art Festival and Competition (FLS2N) organized by the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

The 12 high school schoolboys were spread over 4 areas, namely Jayapura City, Keerom Regency, Mimika and Merauke.

Thopianus C Korenelauw, SH, a staff in the PSMA area of ​​the Papua Regional Library and Archives Education Office who is in charge of FLS2N in Papua, said that despite the pandemic, school and student enthusiasm was quite high in participating in this annual event.

“There are 12 high school pupils in Papua who have passed to represent Papua at the national level. We hope that these Papuan schoolchilds can pass and win the FLS2N at the national level,” he explained, Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

Topianus explained that the implementation of FLS2N in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic was indeed different from before. This year, participants representing schools directly submitted their works online to the central committee in Jakarta. “The collected works are selected and assessed by the jury to represent the provincial level,” he explained.

Whereas, before the Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation of FLS2N was carried out in stages, starting from the school level, continuing to the district / city, then to the provincial level to the national level.

“We are grateful that pupils and schools are still enthusiastic about participating in this activity. We pray that the children in Papua can become champions,” he said.

Lunar Liva Lazore, one of the Teruna Bhakti Jayapura High School pupils who passed the poetry reading category in FLS2N admitted that she was happy because she represented Papua for FLS2N this year.

The following are the names of 12 high school pupils in Papua who passed the national FLS2N selection:

1. Lunar Liva Lazore, from YPPK Teruna Bakti High School, Jayapura City, in the poetry reading category.

2. Mangara Jordan Tumanggor, SMAN 1 Merauke, guitar solo category.

3. Salomita Hohakay, SMAN 1 Mimika, monologue category.

4. Margaretha Novielelia A.B. Yarona, SMAN 1 Merauke, creative dance category.

5. Bagus Suselo, SMAN 1 Arso, Keerom, male solo vocal category.

6. Maurhen Clementina El Proskuneo, YPPK Teruna Bakti High School, Jayapura City, female solo vocal category.

7. Shifra Diantha Tania, SMAN 1 Mimika, poster design category.

8. Ganendra Pradipa Tegar Pratama, SMAN 1 Merauke, short film category.

9. Josus Rivo Muin, SMAN 1 Merauke, short film category.

10. Parlince Wenda, YPK Diapora High School, Jayapura City, Craft category.

11. Serina Iliani, SMAN 1 Merauke, digital comic category

12. Keneth Jeremi, SMAN 1 Merauke, songwriting category

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