Thaha Hamid: Gus Dur is a Founder of Peace Values in Papua – A Wahid Foundation Director Yenny Wahid visited a number of important figures in Papua, including Thaha Alhamid and Pastor Jhon Jonga on Thursday (30/9) night.

The both figures of the struggle for Papua were known to be good friends with the deceased Gus Dur. The meeting between Yenny Wahid and the two figures was held in their respective homes.

Yenny’s arrival is to trace the footsteps of her father Gus Dur’s struggle in embedding and building a peace in Papua,  as well as for providing solutions to problems that occur in the midst of the Papuan people. Thaha Alhamid, a leader of the Papuan struggle, said Gus Dur was in the hearts of the Papuan people.

“Gus Dur cannot be separated from Papua. He is in the hearts of all Papuans,” he said. During his lifetime, Gus Dur was known as a humanist figure presenting many examples for the integrity of national unity.

The exemplary story of Gus Dur’s closeness to the Papuan people has been widely heard and known to the public, one of which was when Gus Dur gave the name Papua back which was originally called Irian Jaya.

Thaha couldn’t even hold back his tears when he told Yenny again. He still remembers that Gus Dur also gave a gift which, when opened, contained a red and white heritage flag.

Meanwhile, Father Jhon Jonga, who is also a religious figure as well as a personage of struggle for Papuan, explained that the challenges of Papuans are very complex, including in the field of education.

For him, at this time it is necessary to increase educational facilities to cultivate and instill the basic values ​​of peace to Papuans from an early age. However, his intention to establish a school like PAUD had to be stopped due to the existing limitations. In the near future, Father Jhon Jonga will inaugurate a clinic which he dedicates to the health of Papuans.

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